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Hello everyone, this is the first blog on my website –

We have lots of experience want to share with you. However, we cannot write everything in once. Let us talk about this website first. Some visitors may already view the entire website and have already had some ideas about what this website does, some may not. We have a small team who has been in this industry for years. Each team member has their own special technique and knowledge.

What information the website is designed to provide? This website has collected many online forex brokers information from their websites and this information has been re-categorized in order to provide a better view to our customers. It will save lots of customer’s time to find this information from broker’s website. Customer can also use the functionalities on Find Your FX to compare the information in many categories between each Forex brokers.

Another important feature is that we do Forex Rebates (in another way is Forex cash back) to all customers who have registered with a Forex company through us. The amount of cash back will be depending on the volume of your trading.

We also provide some education content to improve your Forex knowledge as well as Forex broker knowledge. The review of online Forex trading platform will be added into this website soon.

Please let me a message if you would like see anything else which I did not covered.

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About Find Your FX

FindYourFX is the first place where Forex traders begin. FindYourFX is not only a guide to everyone who is looking for the best suitable Forex broker but also provides the world leading Forex brokers analysis, comparison and review. We are providing detailed comparison in rates, platform, support, education, fund and products.
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