Greece Hellenic Capital Market Commission – HCMC

The Hellenic Republic Capital Market Commission (or Greek Capital Market Commission) is one of two regulatory bodies for the financial industry in Greece, the other being the Bank of Greece. It is the competent authority for supervising securities laws, including tender offers.

The commission is responsible for monitoring compliance with the provisions of capital market law, and is funded by fees paid by the supervised entities. These include Investment Firms, Mutual Fund Management Firms, Portfolio Investment Companies, Real Estate Investment Companies and Financial Intermediation Firms. The HCMC also oversees companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, ensuring compliance with capital market legislation. Due to problems caused by the financial crisis that blew up in 2010, the commission banned short selling of shares listed in the Athens Exchange effective 28 April 2010, to remain in force until 28 June 2010.

Investor Compensation System

The compensation payment to investors for liabilities arising from the provision of investment services is governed by the provisions on the Investor Compensation Fund. The coverage amount for the investment services offered to the Client comes up to thirty thousand (30,000) EUROS for all investment services provided to him.

The official website is this

You can search if the forex broker has been registered with HCMC by using the following link


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