10% deposit bonus for new AETOS trading accounts

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, AETOS is offering a special gift for our new clients! Any new client who makes a deposit to activate a new account during the promotion period, will enjoy a 10% deposit bonus. The more you deposit, the more credits you will enjoy!
The promotion details are as follows:
1. Promotion period : from 1st June, 2013, 21:01 (GMT), to 30th June, 2013, 21:00 (GMT).
2. Qualified participants: any client who opens a new AETOS trading account and makes a deposits of US$500 or more at one time during the promotion period.
3. To participate in this promotion, clients can use any of the payment methods that AETOS provides.
4. For detailed credit bonus calculation methods, please refer to the procedures below:

*Due to the bank commission charges relating to wire transfers, the actual deposit amount received may fall short of US$500. The client is still qualified to attend the promotion provided that he/she can provide the remittance proof of US$500.
** If a client withdraws or transfers during the promotion period, the credit bonus earned will be deducted by an equivalent percentage. Details as below.
5. The upper limit of credit bonus available to each trading account is US$10,000.
6. The promotion is only applicable to new trading accounts activated during the promotion period, accounts that were activated before the promotion are not eligible for the promotion.
7. Any new client who makes a single deposit of US$500 or more during the promotion period is qualified to join the promotion. Deposits below US$500 cannot be accumulated.
Example: A client deposits US$250, US$500, US$1,000 and US$300 separately during the promotion period. Only the 2nd and 3rd deposits are eligible for the promotion, while the 1st and 4th deposits are not accumulable and not eligible for the promotion.
8. Transfers between accounts under the same account name, or new account activation by internal transfers, are not taken as new deposits and are not eligible for the promotion. Furthermore, the deposit amounts and trading volumes are not accumulable within the accounts held by the same client.
9. AETOS will deposit the equivalent credit bonus to client’s trading account within 1 to 2 working days after client’s deposit received.
10. The trading volume calculation date will commence on the deposit-received date and will end in 3 calendar months.
Example: a client’s US$2,000 deposit is received on 1st June, 2013, after which he has to complete 40 lots of trading orders within 3 months, which is before 31st August, 2013, and so on.
11. If a client makes more than one deposit during the promotion period, the resultant trading volumes cannot be double-counted.
12. If a client cannot meet the trading volume requirement within the prescribed period of time, the credit bonus will be canceled.
Remark:If a client meets the trading volume requirement within 3 calendar months after an effective single deposit, the credit bonus will be converted to actual trading fund; if a client fails to meet the requirement, we will cancel the credit bonus on the first working day after 3 calendar months. To assure that your account won’t be liquidated due to the lack of margin after the credit- bonus cancellation, please ensure that there is enough free margin in your trading account after the 3 calendar month period.
13. During the promotion, if a client makes any withdrawal or transfer, the credit bonus will be deducted by an equivalent percentage. The actual credit amount awarded will be calculated according to the deposit amount remained after deducting the withdrawn or transferred amount. However, the client still needs to fulfill the trading volume requirements i.e. original deposit amount x 2% lots.
Example:a client makes a US$10,000 deposit, he/she will receive US$1,000 ( US$10,000 x10%) credit bonus in his/her trading account. If he/she makes a withdrawal of US$4,000 within 3 calendar months, US$400 credits will be deducted from his/her trading account, and meanwhile, the client will still have to complete the 200 lots trading-volume requirement (original deposit US$10,000×2%). After 3 calendar months, if the client meets the requirement, the net credit bonus of US$600 (US$1,000-US$400 due to the US$4,000 withdrawal) will turn into actual trading fund.
14. When a client meets the requirement, he/she may apply to convert his/her credit bonus to an actual trading fund by sending an email to funding@aetoscg.com. Please make sure to include the trading account, client name, registered email address, and the actual amount in the email content. AETOS will complete clients’ requests within 1 to 2 working days following the necessary verifications.
15. AETOS is authorized to disqualify any participant in the promotion who intends to tamper or violate the promotion terms and conditions, and further reserves the right to amend or terminate this promotion at any time. Any amendment or termination of the promotion will be subject to email notifications from the AETOS Customer Service Center.
16. If a client withdraws all or most of his/her trading fund after receiving the credit bonus, and remains trading with credits only, AETOS has the right to claim the economic loss to the company caused by the client.
17. AETOS reserves the right of final interpretation of this promotion.

If you have any questions can contact the customer service:http://www.aetoscg.com/live-chat-box.html?lan=en

Article Source: www.findyourfx.com

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