Where find a Forex Broker


There are many forex brokers are having advertisement on the newspapers, especially, the finance relevant newspapers, such as Financial Times, City AM, Daily Evening. You can get the brokers name and then check the detailed information from their website.


There are also many forex brokers advertising themselves on a few financial magazines. You can have a search in your local supermarket, and then write down their name.

Google, Bing, Yahoo

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the most widely used online search engine, you can just enter FX broker, there will be hundreds result come out. Try changing a few words, you may find some better results, such as Foreign Exchange broker, Forex Broker Comparison and Best Forex broker.

Broker Comparison Websites

You can easily find a few Forex Broker comparison websites from search engine like FindYourFX.com. From these websites, you may be able to find the following information: product spread, company basic information and trading account type. Some comparison website may provide better and detailed information to cover all your questions. You also can open an account through these broker comparison websites.

Transport Advertisement

There is lots of advertisement on the public area, such as on tube, bus stop, and tube station. Just pay a little attention, you can easily find them when you are on the way home.

Forex Forums

Visit some forex forums and get some input from people that are already trading. There is a wealth of experience hiding in forex trading forums. This is one place that you can research both bad and good experiences with different forex brokers.

Forex Broker Reviews

Look around for forex broker reviews, you can find forex broker reviews here on about.com, or on forex forums etc. Make sure to read reviews from multiple sources.

Social Websites

More and more social websites are currently getting popular, you may find lots of people have already had an account with some forex brokers and you can find their reviews and ask them questions regarding the broker. Most of people are very friendly to provide answers. The most widely used social network website is facebook.com, twitter.com and blogger.com


You may find some of your friends have already been a FX trader, have a word with them, you will find very valuable information.

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