How to trade FX

Trading forex (foreign exchange) is highly risky. Due to the leverage available, with very little money down you can have big gains, but also big losses. In addition, there is financial friction, since you are paying fees in the form of the spread. Only highly sophisticated investors should trade forex -- and if you are not sure what you are, then you are probably not highly sophisticated. Whatever you do, do not trade more than you can lose - because odds are, you will lose everything.

  • Research the best ways to invest

  • Consult a trusted broker

  • Understand world currency and its fluctuations

  • Get a charting package which allows you to see the current price as it happens and make technical analysis

  • Your next Step is to decide which Forex Trading platform to use

  • Learn a system which gives you an indication of when to enter and when to exit trades

  • Start using a demo account and not real money

  • Enroll in a financial education course

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