Why trade FX

While the forex market functions 24 hours a day, the busiest period for currency trading is between 13:00 and 16:00 London time. This is when the London and New York markets overlap, creating heavy trading and markets in full swing. During this time, traders access all costs and choose the currency pair that they want to trade with. Trading during the best forex trading times can enhance your likelihood of making profits from the frenzy.

Several traders also use foreign exchange software program for forex trading. These reliable systems work round-the-clock to trade automatically on the traders behalf. This eliminates the need for traders to keep a close watch on the market continuously. Forex is an attractive investment option for many, as the market can be accessed online conveniently. Besides, you can also learn about the market and try demo trading accounts on the Internet.

Forex trading offers the following benefits:

  • Liquidity: The foreign exchange market offers immense liquidity and manages great volumes of trade, around 1.5 trillion a day. Irrespective of the currency you want to trade in, there is always someone ready to trade with them.

  • No Commissions: Traders do not have to pay commissions, as forex brokers make their money through spreads. Spreads are the difference between the "ask" and "bid" price on a given currency pair at a given time.

  • Invest small: Traders can open their forex accounts with only a few dollars, and also get high leverage. A leverage of 100:1 signifies that one can control assets 100 times over the invested amount.

  • Information availability: The foreign exchange market is influenced mainly by fluctuations in the economy. Hence, anyone with reliable economic information can predict market movement. Although sometimes a certain trader may get information first and benefit from it, information is usually available to all.

  • Available: The forex market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week; hence, traders can trade anytime during this period.

Although foreign exchange trading offers high yields, they are also high risk. So, it is important to research thoroughly and understand the markets functioning before investing. Forex trading is a short-term game that follows a high risk and unknown return strategy. So, to trade well in the forex market, traders must have emotional maturity, skills and discipline, and make informed bets on currency movements, among others.

Article Source: www.findyourfx.com

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