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How to join our referral program?

Because many clients have already found our value, and some of them have already referred our website to their friends, families and colleagues. In order to thanks for their hard work, we have decided to launch our referral program - which will bring lots of extra benefits to you. This referral program is very simple, you just need to pass the unique URL (which you can find from My Account page) to anyone who you would like to refer, or who is interested in Forex Trading.

When a trader you referred to us earns cash back, so do you, and if they refer friends who then refer friends you get paid on all those people commissions as well. Once you are logged in, just look in your My Account tab or at the top of any page for your affiliate link. Of course, you can also link to any page if you add your affiliate id to the end of the page/url.

How much you can get paid?

You get paid 3 tiers deep, here is how it works:

  1. You refer Ted = You get an amount equivalent to approx. 10% of earnings generated by Ted every month
  2. Ted refer Phil = You get an amount equivalent to approx. 2% of earnings generated by Phil every month
  3. Phil refer Kevin = You get an amount equivalent to approx. 0.5% of earnings generated by Kevin every month

The people you refer still get the same amount they would without a referrer; we will use our own money to pay the referrer. For instance, you referred Ted to our website, and Ted makes $500 in cash back in a month, we will pay him $500 and pay you $50, plus you would be paid additional amounts on Ted's downline (his referral downline).

You are never required to make a purchase nor open a broker account. There is no Target you must hit. You start earning immediately from all 3 levels as soon as your referral's start trading or making purchases! There is no limit to the number of referrals you can bring to FindYourFX - the more you bring, the more you earn. Commissions are paid to you on a monthly basis.

How to join our referral program?
  1. Create a free account on
  2. Login to, you will find the unique Affiliate link at My Account page.
  3. You also can find many free marketing tools or banners at our Referral Program page
  4. You can send your affiliate link through the following ways (which are just our suggestions, you also can use others)
    1. You can add our banners in you emails
    2. You can put our banners on some forums
    3. You can add our banners on your website, blog, facebook, and twitter
    4. You can write down the affiliate link and give it to your family, friends and colleagues.
  5. Please complete the bank information at My Account page in order to receive the cash back on time
  6. At the bottom of My Account page, you can see the graph which shows all your downline clients up to 3 levels.
How do we track your referrals?

When a visitor comes to our website through an affiliate link, our system will link the visitor IP and affiliate link owner together as a pair and save the information in the system. Once the visitor becomes a registered user, our system will code the visitor to the affiliate link owner's referral. The visitor does not have to become a registered user at the first time when he visits our website. Even if he register months after his first visit, as long as they do not change IP address and do not visit our website through another affiliate links since his most recent visit, he will be coded as your referral.

Terms and Conditions

We expect our affiliates to act with integrity and honesty. If not, we may discontinue our relationship and future payments. Offenses not allowed include deceptive marketing, spamming, and acts of otherwise bad faith.

Free Referral Program Marketing Tools

Please make sure you are logged in Before copying the html code below. Once logged in, your unique affiliate link will be automatically incorporated into the code below. The html codes below will make the banner/resource display on your website, email, etc. Users who click the banner and register will be coded under your account and you will receive credits/payments for commission they generate. If you copy the code below when not logged in, or you download the image banners to put on your site manually, you will need to insert your affiliate url into the code. For assistance please contact us.

Text link

Code will display a link like this, with your unique ID coded into the target URL: best forex rebates

Code will display a link like this, with your unique ID coded into the target URL: get forex cashback

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