Mauritius Financial Services Commission - FSC

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (FSC) is the integrated regulator for the financial services sector other than banking, and global business. The FSC was established in 2001 and operates within a modern and internationally recognized legal framework which includes the Financial Services Act, the Securities Act and the Insurance Act. The FSC licenses, regulates, monitors and supervises the conduct of business activities in the financial services sector. Our vision is "to be an internationally recognized Financial Supervisor committed to the sustained development of Mauritius as a sound and competitive Financial Services Centre".

In carrying out its mission, the FSC aims to:

  • promote the development, fairness, efficiency and transparency of financial institutions and capital markets in Mauritius;

  • suppress crime and malpractices so as to provide protection to members of the public investing in non-banking financial products; and

  • ensure the soundness and stability of the financial system in Mauritius.

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The main role of FSC Mauritius is to protect the integrity and stability of the non-bank financial services sector and by so doing protect the interest of investors and consumers.

The Commission:

  • Oversees all participants in the non bank financial industry including the stock exchange, the depository and settlement system, market intermediaries, collective investment schemes, insurance companies, and the global business sector.

  • Monitors and supervises them to reduce the risks of non compliance with laws and regulations and to ensure financial soundness.

  • The Commission also monitors Financial Service Providers. This includes firms or individuals that arrange, execute, or otherwise facilitate client transactions in financial assets by providing specialised services to their customers. These units do not, as a main business activity, raise funds or extend credit on their own account.

The Commission:

  • Conducts off-site and on-site compliance visits of licensed entities.

  • Handles complaints.

  • Investigates malpractices and fraud and takes corrective actions.

  • Sets licensing standards and grant licences.

  • Authorises investment products and services.

  • Ensures compliance with expected standards of conduct and the law.

  • Enforces Codes and Guidance.

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