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The National Futures Association (NFA) is an independent self-regulatory organization and watchdog of the commodities and futures industry in the United States. The NFA oversees and protects investors from fraudulent commodities and futures activities. The NFA also provides mediation and arbitration for resolving consumer complaints. NFA is headquartered in Chicago, IL and also maintains an office in New York City. NFA's mission is to provide innovative regulatory programs and services that ensure futures industry integrity, protect market participants and help its Members meet their regulatory responsibilities. NFA's activities are overseen by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the government agency responsible for regulating the U.S. futures industry.

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When you trade with NFA broker, what does this mean to you as a trader?
Serious businesses with transparent financial operations - these are companies who became members of the National Futures Association. NFA regulated brokers follow strict standards and procedures implemented by NFA, which ensures the safety of trader's assets. NFA regulated brokers cannot use client's funds to carry out their operation activities. They must back up all customer positions with their own capital or carry them over to the interbank market. Thus NFA regulated brokers are companies with large and sufficient financial assets.

At the end of each week NFA registered Forex brokers report their account balances to the NFA. Each year these brokers are subject to comprehensive yearly audits.
Forex brokers registered with NFA also have licensed and specially trained staff.

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