How to use FindYourFX
How to use FindYourFX
Some Explanations
Open a free account The free signup process just tokes less than 1 minute, but you will receive lots of more valuable information and cash back (after you start trading)
Basic search You can just search our database by using forex broker name or the area they are good at, such as the best forex broker at overall rating, trading platform rating, and company rating.
Advance search You can narrow down your search criteria by adding more conditions; you also can sort the result on each column of the result table.
High level broker information The high level broker information just focuses on the a few important factors of each forex broker.
Detailed broker information All the brokers information has been shown in this area as well as the customer reviews. You also can view the information on brokers website through the link provided on the page. Do not forget to read forex broker reviews.
Forex broker comparison You can sort all the brokers by each rating and compare these brokers. You also can select up to three forex brokers, FindYourFX will compare the each factor of all three brokers for you. The highest score of total factors will be the winner forex broker. We guarantee you this is the best forex broker comparison function on the Internet.
Select best forex brokers The information including forex broker reviews on FindYourFX helps you on choosing the best suitable forex broker for you.
Register with broker Please click the Register on Broker link to register on the forex broker website. Please do not forget to mention our IB account number (which you can find on the Open Account Instruction area on each broker page) during the register. Otherwise, it may delay your cash back.
Trading as normal Please follow your trading strategy to trade through the forex broker.
Receive cash back The forex broker will return a part of your commission / spread fee to us on the monthly basis (the period may vary) and we will transfer it to your bank account.
Update bank account details It is very important to ensure you can receive the forex cash back on time.

The following video has given a simple example to show how to use this website, how to find the best suitable forex broker and how to get the best forex rebate rates.

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